Here's some silly things that I don't really fit anywhere else


I'm a pretty huge fan of Splatoon 3. You can find my splashtag and a link to my Splatoon fedi account below:

Splatoon 3 splastag Splatoon 3 | Splatoon fedi account

Occasionally you can also find me on VRChat, but typically I only play with groups/people I'm already familiar with.

VRChat profile My VRChat profile | link

Other Game Platforms

Non-Gaming Platforms


button: nekoweb button: kitten korner button: two paws button: queer pride button: non-binary pride button: arch linux button: graphene os button: godot button: firefox button: fediverse button: therian button: sandy loam
image: yes im a catgirl yes i love other catgirls its 2008. get over it