I'm a 19 year old trans-nonbinary living in Australia and studying a Bachelor of Information Technology.

I enjoy tinkering with technology in my free time, learning about it and pushing it to its limits.

I'm also a novice programmer, currently learning the fields of web and software development. I make things like this very website as a way to learn, experiment and express myself.

Some of my other passtimes include collecting (and using!) retro tech, being bad at my favourite videogames, and being a cat.

About Site

I wrote this website from scratch with my own two paws. It's currently being hosted on Nekoweb.

This site is part of the berry webring. You can find out more about what that means here!


Most of this site's colours have been picked from the Catppuccin colourscheme. All other site content is original. You can view the source code for this site here.


You can support me directly via Ko-fi. Donations are greatly appreciated, and will help fund my future silly projects and ideas - including software and services that will benefit all!